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Great care was taken when designing our facility. The goal was to overcome the traditional impressions of animal shelters. We believe our facility not only enhances the lives of our dogs and cats but takes the breath away of potential adopters, who will have a pleasant and comfortable adoption experience. The brightly colored walls, soaring ceilings, and donated stained glass art all contribute to the value we place on the animals.

Our Spay/Neuter clinic has a separate entrance with its own lobby. There is a treatment/surgery prep area, a fully equipped surgery room with two tables and separate recovery rooms for dogs and cats.

Our main laundry facility is located in a separate building from the public to minimize odors. All of the soiled laundry is removed immediately from the main building during the morning cleaning.

Cats are in a separate wing and enjoy an open-room colony with attached screened-in sun porch, plexiglass single space condos or two connected space duplexes. On any given day, we usually house 50 to 100 cats at NOAH. The Kitten Colony is a favorite in the summer. In the winter months, when we don't have kittens, we transform the room into another adult cat colony, giving them more "home-like" surroundings. Two comfortable individual visiting rooms are available for potential adopters to get to know our cats and for volunteers to socialize with them.

Dogs are housed in one of the 17 glassed suites with heated floors, doggie doors to an outside run, Kuranda beds, and a visitor's chair. We typically house 10 to 45 dogs at any given time. Adjacent to the main building is the 1,500 square foot octagonal Dog Pod building. Inside is a seating area, larger dog suites with larger outdoor run spaces making them ideal for giant breed dogs and bonded pairs.

The NOAH Center also has two off leash areas available to the public to exercise their pets as well as a 3/4 mile wilderness trail throughout our 17 acres of beautiful forest.

The NOAH Center is open 7 days a week. Please come by our facility to adopt, volunteer, foster or drop off your donations. To schedule a group tour, please click on the link below:

Disclaimer: Due to the health and nature of shelter dogs and cats, The NOAH Center has to limit visitation directly of the animals with the public. Potential adopters, fosters and volunteers are allowed to work directly with the animals. Learn more about how to get involved today!