Benefits of Adopting

"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."
- Ben Williams

Adopting a rescue animal may require more time, attention, effort and patience from an adopter, however the joy and gratification from saving a life is extremely rewarding. Here are some advantages to adopting a shelter cat or dog:

• Adopting a shelter cat or dog means you are helping and not contributing to the pet overpopulation problem.

• The cost of adopting a pet is usually less than buying one from a breeder or a pet store.

• Pets adopted from shelters have often been spayed or neutered. They are also more likely to have had other treatments including being vaccinated and wormed.

• Improved quality of life - not only do pets lift your spirits, they've also been linked with their owners increased longevity. The healthy benefits of adopting a companion will touch you both physically and emotionally.

• Unconditional Love - the power of animal magic is a strong force! Animals love us just the way we are and will forever be content as a beloved member of your family.

• The satisfaction of saving a life! A rescue animal knows they have been saved. They will be grateful and loyal as they depend on you for their care and well being knowing you are their guardian for life.