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N.O.A.H. is a 501c3, non-profit organization, and is supported solely by donations. All monetary and in-kind contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Pet Care Trust

"If something happened to you... What would happen to us?"

If you find it hard to think about life without your pet, imagine your pet's life without you.

Thousands of cats and dogs are euthanized in U.S. animal shelters each year simply because their human caregivers died and made no arrangements for the continuous care of their pets. What will happen to your pets if they outlive you?

While N.O.A.H.'s first recommendation is to identify a trusted and willing friend or family member to care for your pet after your death, we recognize that this alternative is not always available. N.O.A.H. has a Pet Care Trust Program to help pet owners and their pets.

If you enroll your pets in N.O.A.H.'s Pet Care Trust program, at your passing your pet(s) will come to N.O.A.H. and enter our Adoption Program. Using information provided by you regarding your pet's habits, favorite treats, medications, etc., our Adoption MatchMakers will find a new loving home that best suits your beloved companion(s).

As a non-profit organization, N.O.A.H must continually seek donations to fund its current programs. Costs to house, feed, groom, and provide medical care for the orphaned animals in our care are substantial. Therefore it is necessary that charitable bequest donors make financial provisions in order for N.O.A.H. to accept their pets.

If you wish to bequeath your dog or cat to N.O.A.H. or would like an information packet mailed to you, simply contact the N.O.A.H. at 360-629-7055

We commend those who plan ahead for the benefit of those left behind.

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