Pre and Post Surgery Information

Pre-Surgery Points to Remember:

NO FOOD after 10 p.m. the night before or the morning of surgery but water is okay.
CATS must be in a carrier and only one cat per carrier.
FERAL CATS need to be kept in the traps or in a hard sided carrier.
DOGS must be on a leash and need to potty before checking in.

Post Surgery Points To Remember

• Keep your pets indoors and isolated away from other pets and children.
• No bathing or swimming for 14 days.
• Do not allow your dog or cat to excessively lick the incision site. Apply Neosporin daily to reduce urge to lick.
• Check the incision site daily. Make sure that it remains dry, clean and intact.
• If you notice your pet has any abnormal signs or conditions, please call and report to The NOAH Center during business hours 9:00-5:00pm daily at 360-629-7055 or call your vet to seek immediate help.

For more information about After Surgery Care for your pet, please click here: