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Mom's Last Litter

The NOAH Center's Mom's Last Litter program was created to help reduce pet overpopulation in our local and surrounding communities. 

How the program works:

  • All animals entering Mom’s Last Litter must be owned pets. Stray animals will need to be taken to your local humane society.

  • The pet owner is required to foster and home the kittens or puppies until they are healthy enough (approximately 8 weeks) to be spayed/neutered and ready for adoption.

  • Participants of the program must agree to have the mom dog or cat spayed on the same day the litter returns to NOAH. The NOAH Center will schedule through our low-income spay/neuter clinic, free of charge surgeries for the mom, dad (if available and owned by the same person) and the entire litter. Pet owners must meet our low-income qualifications.

  • Additional vaccination and microchipping services can be purchased for the mom and/or dad at the time of surgery.

  • After surgery the mom and/or dad is returned to the owner and The NOAH Center will adopt the puppies or kittens through our adoption program.

If you are interested in learning more about Mom's Last Litter please contact our foster care coordinator at (360) 629-7055 or email

Our Impact Since Opening

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