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Happy Tails: Kai, FKA Manny

Feb 22, 2022

Kai is the sweetest dog we’ve ever met. He’s friendly to every person and dog he meets. At first, he just wanted humans to pet him, but he’s learning how to play now. The Texas boy saw his first snow, and he loved it so much. Yes, he is still an escape artist, and I’m so glad we got that fi collar that was recommended to us.

We also adopted Tinker and Max from you a couple of years ago, and they aren’t fully sure what to do about Kai yet. But overall they are doing well too. Tinker the one-eyed cat plays fetch with twist ties (no idea why), and Max is the curious helper always wondering what we’re doing.

Thanks for all that you do. We love our furry family members!

-Logan Family

Congratulations to Kai and his family!

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