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Animal Highlight: Lilly & Bentley, Bonded Pups

August 11, 2022

Bentley and Lilly are an adorable bonded pair of pups looking for a forever home where they can stay together. Four-year-old Lilly was born deaf, and five-year-old Bentley is her guide dog. The two are inseparable, and Lilly truly relies on Bentley’s companionship.

When their owner lost their home, they returned the pair to The NOAH Center to find a more suitable living arrangement. They are the most friendly and loving dogs who enjoy going into the off-leash and romping around together all day! Bentley is the toy lover, and Lilly likes to distract him until he gives in to playing with her more! They have oodles of personality and are charming souls waiting for their permanent loving home.

Lilly is easy to work with; even though she is deaf, she is highly intelligent and eager to please! She does prefer for strangers to go slow at first, just so that she can get used to you, but she warms up very quickly. While here at The NOAH Center, we have not introduced them to other dogs, but our team believes they would be interested in more friends. They cannot wait to go home and get all the snuggles and attention they deserve!

Bonded pairs often take much longer than other dogs to find homes because adopting two at once is a higher commitment. However, bonded pairs are often some of the best duos because they already know and support each other, making the acclimation process in a new home less stressful. Especially with deaf dogs like Lilly, having a friend to lean on can make all the difference.

If you are interested in meeting Bentley and Lilly, first check our website to see if they are still available, to learn more about our adoption process and fees, and read about the pair. If they sound like a good match for your home and they are available, come by The NOAH Center during our regular business hours!

If you cannot adopt, you can still help Bentley and Lily find their forever home! Share this post with your friends and family, and help us reach more people.

By The NOAH Center

The NOAH Center is a nonprofit Animal Adoption Center and Spay & Neuter Clinic dedicated to ending the euthanasia of adoptable pets.



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