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Animal Highlight: Payton

August 16, 2022

Payton has been patiently waiting for the right family to come and bring him home. He is originally from Hawaii, flying to the Pacific Northwest in April. Initially, Payton was very nervous about new people but still trusted us and was open to receiving attention.

During his stay at The NOAH Center, he has blossomed and made many friends among the staff and volunteers! He is a very high-energy greyhound mix who loves to run and play with rope toys as much as possible.

He also loves crawling into laps and apparently thinks he is small enough to do so. He is very friendly with other dogs but does best with other large dogs who can match his energy level; he is too much for little dogs and has too high of a prey drive for cats. He is also afraid of small children and would do best with older or only adults in the home.

He would love to go home with another high-energy, playful dog and people to cuddle! He is a gorgeous and loving dog, but tragically, our guests tend to overlook him.

“Payton is such a good boy! He is curious, funny, and lives to play. He is great on a leash too!” – Jodi, Volunteer

“I love him so much. He’s my favorite good boy here. He just needs time to warm up to people before he’s super affectionate. But then he thinks he’s a lap dog.” – Michelle, Staff

“Payton LOVES to play tug-o-war!” Hillary, Volunteer

“Payton has 2 genuine times of happiness/contentment: when he is running and romping and getting all of his energy out, and when he can settle down and enjoy a good snooze.” Gail, Volunteer

If you are interested in learning more about Payton, check out our Available Dogs page and then come by The NOAH Center during our regular business hours. Call to speak with a MatchMaker for more information.

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