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Happy Tails: Elle, now Qi’ra

Mar 3, 2023

We renamed her Qi’ra and she’s been such a great addition to our family! We have had a great time integrating her into our household and setting up new routines for all of us. She loves going on walks around our neighborhood and has made strong bonds with all three of us in the house. Qi’ra got to join us on a family trip to Port Townsend at the end of January and she is such a great travel companion!


We’re getting more and more used to each other and our cat, Poe, is starting to come downstairs more often even though Qi’ra does like to give him a chase every now and then. Both of them are doing great in the house now and we’re working hard to get them more and more used to each other. We’ve also been doing a lot of training with Qi’ra for both her and our benefits. We’re working on getting her lots of exposure to other dogs to help with her stress/anxiety when another dog is around, and she’s doing so great!

She is truly a sweetheart to her core and just doesn’t know how to play nice with other pups, but she wants to play so badly. Adopting Qi’ra has been one of the best decisions we made as a family and I am so grateful for everyone at NOAH who helped us along the way. She is such a loving dog and constantly shows us how much she cares about her new family.

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