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Happy Tails: Puff, now Tinkerbell

Mar 6, 2023

Tinkerbell (Puff) has settled in very well. She has put on some weight and we have had no problems with litter box usage. She has chosen me as her human and, along with my dog, follows me as I move around the house. She has been slower to open up to my husband and adult son but she is warming up to them, especially if I’m not around. Her vocalizations have gone from the tiniest little squeak to “I’m talking to you human!” volume. She’s not a big snuggler but likes the head pet and face rub, but only for a little while and then she’s good. Does like to roll over and expose her tummy, but I can only look at it. Not to touch (yes, learned that the hard way but I’m a quick learner). Does like to walk on me occasionally, I think it’s just to remind me that she’s the boss. She had a strong flight reaction at any movement or noise when I first brought her home but that has almost disappeared now with only an occasional start, run, stop, and come back. She’s a wonderful little cat. So happy to have her.

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