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Happy Tails: Bon Bon, now Olive

Apr 23, 2023

Olive was part of Mocha’s “candy” litter. I adopted her in April of 2022 after going to the shelter every single day until her litter came up for adoption. Olive is thriving! She regularly enjoys running and lounging in the sun in her big backyard, and she goes to her grandparents regularly to hang out with her best friend, Archie.

Olive knows all kinds of tricks – she’ll bring you a toy if you ask her, she wil heel or go between your legs, give high fives, etc. I’m currently working on teaching her to put her toys away. And she has a really good nose! I can throw a treat anywhere in the house with her outside and the moment she comes in she’ll beeline straight to the treat. We regularly go on long walks and do puppy play dates with her friends. She’s generally just super happy and incredibly smart and athletic.

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