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Happy Tails: Isaac and Isla, now Jack and Bea

May 11, 2023

Jack and Bea have been the best additions to our home. They are the sweetest cats ever! Our busy Bea is the queen of shenanigans and is the boss of everyone. She is quite the mischief maker but also the sweetest cat. You look at her or speak to her and she immediately flops over for pets and belly rubs. Our handsome Jack is more laid back but a complete lover boy. Jack is also the biggest baby kitten ever; still has a tiny kitten meow but is weighing in at around 11 lbs or so with large paws and the vet said he is the right weight for his size – he’s just going to be a big cat. Bea has stayed small and is just under 8 lbs.

The two of them are completely bonded and spend almost all of their time together. I work from home and they like to sleep on a bed of blankets I have setup for them in the corner of my desk – in fact, they are cuddled there together right now as I write. Jack especially loves spending the day with me in my office. He is a big fan of naps and stealing my pen off my desk. They have way too many toys, a couple of cat trees, and a window perch and absolutley love to play, play, play!

We call them our tumble twins as they play fight in a tumble weed fashion. Although they have a couple of cat beds, they prefer to sleep in our bed with us as night and nap on my desk or on their cat tree during the day. They love sitting on the window sills or on their window perch looking outside “hunting”, cackling away at the birds, bugs, leaves/petals, and any other imaginary things they see out there. 

We expected it to take time for them to become bonded to us but within a day or two they were settled in and within a week or so they were set in their new routine. It was amazing how fast they became bonded to us and vice versa. At almost three months in our home now it’s like they’ve always been here. 

Thank you for our mini black panthers!

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