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Happy Tails: Lottie & Dixie

May 13, 2023

Lottie and Dixie are doing very well. They acclimated within a day or so, except for the separation anxiety. I’ve learned how to walk them together- we walk one mile three times a day. They had severe separation anxiety at first (f separated from each other, from one of us, or when outside) but that is much better. The extreme whining is reduced by about 90% and it’s not too often now. They still bark some when others or other dogs are very close, but it diminishes a little each day. I choose our walk paths carefully and progressively. The exercise and consistent training are very positive. They have me almost fully trained.
They are VERY affectionate and intelligent and a delight to be around. My wife spends about an hour a day brushing and grooming them and that has helped a great deal. They go back to the vets next Tuesday for their booster shots.
So, all is well and progressing. We’re actively strategizing and working on the anxiety and I’m mostly optimistic it will be totally gone in a year or so. That’s what happened to another dog we rescued. Once gone, they can enjoy life to the full:)

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