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A Journey of Hope: From Fires in Maui to Safety in Stanwood

August 18, 2023

As the devastating wildfires continue to wreak havoc on Maui, the lives of both humans and animals hang in the balance. The toll on pets and their families has been particularly heart-wrenching, as countless animals are displaced from their homes and families during evacuations, straining animal shelters on the island. The shelters are stepping up to help board family pets during this time of need, but they are already overwhelmed with homeless animals. In response to this urgent crisis, we’ve taken a significant step forward to make a lasting impact and are now calling on your immediate support.

On Wednesday, August 17th, we joined hands with the Good Cat Network to extend a lifeline to 18 homeless shelter cats, including a special one-eyed kitten named Chucky, all the way from Honi Honi Cats Maui, a foster organization housing homeless cats. This collaborative effort has proven to be a crucial lifeline, providing much-needed shelter and safety for these innocent animals. Additionally, this creates vital space within the Maui shelters, which can now accommodate more family pets seeking refuge during these tumultuous times.

The situation on Maui has been dire for both humans and animals alike. The ongoing wildfires have forced numerous pets out of their homes, leaving animal shelters bursting at the seams. Recognizing the urgency of the matter, we’ve stepped forward to stand as a pillar of support for both these pets and their distressed families. However, this mission requires a collective effort.

Presently, we find ourselves facing a critical shortage of wet cat food—a fundamental necessity for the comfort and nourishment of these rescued cats. As we continue to open our doors to these additional feline friends from Maui, the urgency of this situation only escalates. This is where you come in.

Sarah Caldwell, The NOAH Center’s Marketing Coordinator, says that with the arrival of the newcomers from Maui, The NOAH Center urgently needs wet cat food. The organization now extends a heartfelt plea for wet cat food donations to the community. Donations of wet cat food will ensure that the Maui rescues and other shelter cats are well-fed and provided for, easing their transition to a new life.

While these rescued felines are currently resting and acclimating to their new surroundings, their spirits remain unwavering. These cats will soon be ready to embark on their journey towards new beginnings through adoption, offering an opportunity for them to find loving families and forever homes.

The ongoing wildfires have painted a grim picture on the beautiful island of Maui, displacing both pets and their human counterparts. However, the outpouring of support, collaboration, and compassion demonstrated by partnerships like ours proves that there is hope even in the darkest of times. The road to recovery may be long, but we can make a tangible difference together. Whether you donate wet cat food or make a financial gift, your contribution provides hope for these innocent lives and offers them a brighter future.

UPDATE: Thank you for the outpouring of support from our local community! You have shown up in a big way, providing countless cases of wet cat food to help us care for these new friends. We feed several cases of wet cat food daily, so we are incredibly grateful for your generosity and support.

By The NOAH Center

The NOAH Center is a nonprofit Animal Adoption Center and Spay & Neuter Clinic dedicated to ending the euthanasia of adoptable pets.



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Betty White Day

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