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Get to know The NOAH Center’s Board of Directors.

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Charlene Edson


Charlene Edson is a founding donor and influential board member at The NOAH Center. Charlene’s profound love for cats has fueled her dedication to ensuring their welfare. Her passion lies in championing spay/neuter programs, recognizing their crucial role in preventing pet overpopulation and homelessness in our communities. As a hands-on board member, Charlene actively contributes to strategic decisions, guiding The NOAH Center toward innovative and impactful initiatives.

Megan Coughlin

Vice President

Megan Coughlin grew up with an assortment of pets, primarily—but not limited to—dogs, cats, and bunnies. She came to The NOAH Center through her aunt, who was a member of the founding boardCarol Smith. She works as a project manager in software development, and lives in Seattle with her dog, Pokey Jones, and orange cat brothers, All Ball and NoNo Buddy. Megan is honored to serve as the current Vice President of The NOAH Center’s board of directors.

Mary Manning


A dedicated volunteer who has walked countless dogs, folded endless piles of towels, provided hours of specialized support for the fundraising department, and will even don the Bowzer costume for events, Mary has been involved with The NOAH Center for years consistently going above and beyond. A software engineer by trade, Mary brings an array of technical and computer skills to The NOAH Center, as well as a deep passion for animals. 

Michele Berry


Michele Barry is a paralegal by trade, but has her hands on all aspects of business matters relating to the operations of a family office.  She has been involved from afar with The NOAH Center for years and is now working with The NOAH Center on our Board of Directors filling the role of Treasurer.  Michele enjoys golfing, hiking, travel and spending time in Arizona with her two grandchildren. 

Tonya Vachon

Board Member

Tonya joined the Board of Directors at The NOAH Center because she believes deeply in the work we do for dogs and cats.  For the past 16 years, she has been adopting senior or special needs dogs and cats, because they have so much love to give.   In her free time, she enjoys attending concerts, traveling and spending time with my family, including our pets.

Michele Blythe

Board Member

Former volunteer, Michele joined The NOAH Center’s Board of Directors bringing her 30 years of retail banking leadership and experience in public service through the Arlington City Council, as well as State and County council appointments serving the aging. Michele finds serving those in need to be very rewarding and believes everyone should find their own way to serve. 

Michele Barry

Board Member

Welcome Michele, our newest Board member. She has served as our Board Treasurer and long-time supporter of The NOAH Center.


Denise Baker

Board Member

Denise is the former Executive Vice President of C. Don Filer Insurance Agency and now serves on the Board of Directors for The NOAH Center as someone who is passionate about animals and dedicated to their welfare.   Denise wholehearted believes in The NOAH Center’s mission and all that we do. 

Amy Winston

Board Member

Dr. Amy Winston is co-owner of Seattle Special Care Dentistry and serves as chair of Hospital Dentistry at Swedish Medical Center.  She appreciates The NOAH Center’s commitment to support our region’s partner shelters by offering spay and neuter services and accepting transfers of animals who’ve struggled to find homes.  Dr. Winston has adopted three dogs from The NOAH Center, the first one being Mugsy back in 2004.  She lives in Seattle with her partner Dan, their two dogs, Phantom and Duke, and cat, Brick. She enjoys attending Broadway musicals, watching college football and hiking all over the Pacific Northwest.