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What time do I drop off my animal for surgery?

Please plan to arrive at 8:00 AM, and no later than 8:30 AM.

What time do I pick my animal up after surgery?

Between 4-4:30 PM. Our staff may give you an earlier time if fewer animals are scheduled for surgery that day.

Can I pick up/drop off my animal earlier or later?

No, our staff has to set up for surgery before they can greet you and your pet in our parking lot in the morning. In the evening (unless otherwise directed by the staff), your pet needs time to recover from the anesthetic. Our team needs time to finish the surgery, clean, and get your paperwork ready before greeting you in the parking lot for pick up. Late pickups increase our operating costs and keep our staff from getting home to their families.

Why do I have to wait in my car?

Our lobby is too small to accommodate all pet owners bringing pets in for surgery per day. Staying in your vehicle keeps you and your pets safe during the check-in/out process and saves time for our staff by allowing them to find you quickly as they go car to car.

How will I know when my appointment is confirmed?

First, you will receive an email from the Northwest Organization for Animal Help giving you instructions and sending you a link to fill out an e-consent form. You will save time by filling out your e-consent (click “send to clinic” after signing). Once you fill out the e-consent form, the staff will review it and then send you an invoice. You may pay the invoice online or bring cash on the morning of your appointment.

What if I didn't get an email confirmation?

The most common reason for not receiving an email confirmation is that you incorrectly inputted your email. First, check your spam folder to rule this out. If you believe you input an incorrect email, please call The NOAH Center’s Spay & Neuter Clinic at 360 629-7055 ext. 409 and leave a message.

How do I pay?

After you receive your invoice via email, you will be able to pay online or plan to bring cash when your drop-off your pet for surgery.

Why do I always have to leave a message when calling the Spay & Neuter Clinic?

Every member of our staff is involved with surgery and animal care during the day. Safety is our number one priority, and when we feel it is safe to do so, we can break away to return phone calls. Please keep in mind that the Spay & Neuter Clinic receives over 100 phone calls each day, and we may not be able to return your call until after our patients are released, or even the next day. 

Can I add services if I already submitted my e-consent form?

Yes, just let the staff know when they check you in that you would like to add additional services.  

Will someone call me and give me updates on how my animal is doing after surgery?

Unfortunately, we are unable to do this because all of our staff are engaged in surgery and patient monitoring. Since The NOAH Center’s Spay & Neuter Clinic performs up to 60 surgeries per day, we cannot call individual owners unless we have a specific question regarding your pet.

Why is it so hard to get an appointment at the NOAH Center?

Because of the extreme shortages of experienced licensed staff, the NOAH Center has had to limit the number of more time-consuming surgeries, including dog spays.  Additionally, we have experienced an overwhelming increase in the number of individuals in need of our services.

Why don't you have free services for feral cats anymore?

Unfortunately, due to a lack of trained and experienced veterinary staff, increasing operating expenses, and declining fundraising dollars, we are no longer able to provide free services for feral cats. If you have a feral cat safely contained, you can schedule and pay for surgery through our website. If you request it, we can ear-tip at no additional charge.

Do you spay female dogs?

Yes, but we have reduced the number of female dogs significantly we can do per week due to various reasons relating to efficiency and expense.  The demand for surgeries for dogs is high, making it difficult to get an appointment. 

I don't have a computer, why can't I call to make an appointment?

Unfortunately, because of rising costs and shortage of staff coupled with our requirement to have a deposit for every surgery, we cannot spend the time making appointments over the phone.    

We communicate essential surgery information by email to all our clients ahead of time, so having access to a computer or smartphone is necessary. 

My female cat has a small lump under her incision after surgery. Is it a hernia?

The majority of the time, these lumps are what is called a seroma, which is an accumulation of fluid under the skin. Seromas often happen in young or very active cats or dogs. Limit your animal’s activity as much as possible. Do not allow the animal to lick the incision site. The lump may take up to 4 weeks to reduce in size. If the swelling does not improve over 3-4 weeks, please call the Clinic and leave a message. We will return your call as soon as we can. 

When I tried to book my appointment, I received a message saying there were no openings. When will there be openings?

The NOAH Center’s Spay & Neuter Clinic’s services are in high demand.  We are also experiencing a shortage of experienced licensed professional staff.  We open appointments each week, however, these appointments are frequently booked quickly by the many other people looking to have their pets spayed or neutered.  Appointments become available randomly due to cancelations.  There is no specific day of the week that we open new appointments, so it is important to check back frequently.

Why do I have to keep putting my information in just to check for appointment availability?

A third party puts together our appointment scheduler, and this is how they have set things up. If you use Google Chrome, it will auto-fill your information to help make the data entry quicker. 

I adopted an animal from the NOAH Center and I think it is having a problem with its surgery site, what should I do?

Contact the Operations Director at: or call The NOAH Center at 360 629-7055 ext. 406.  It will be helpful to provide a photograph of the incision site.


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