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Found someone you like? Check out the steps to adopt a new canine friend below.

Step 1: View Available Dogs & Puppies

We recommend first viewing our available dogs on our website and then coming in to see them in person. As animals are adopted and more arrive, our available dogs are constantly changing. If you’re looking for a certain breed, gender, or age, keeping a close eye on our website can save you some trips into the Adoption Center.

Step 2: Meet With A Matchmaker

Once you’ve found someone you’re interested in adopting, the next step is to meet with an Adoptions Matchmaker and complete an Adoption Interview. This step helps to determine if the dog or puppy you are interested in adopting is a good fit for your family and visa versa.

Step 3: Meet & Greets

Your Adoption Interview went well and it seems that your family may be a good match for the dog or puppy you are wanting to adopt, congratulations! Now it’s time for all of the family members to meet the pup. If you have other dogs in your home, please bring them along so we can ensure everyone gets along.

Step 4: Complete Adoption Paperwork

It’s a match! Once your meet and greets are finished and everyone seems happy, we’ll head back to complete the final adoption paperwork. This takes about 30 minutes, and only the main point of contact needs to be present.

Step 5: Head Home With Your New Friend!

Everything is finalized and your new pup is officially YOURS! Congratulations! Should you need any help along the way, check out our Resources page.


Adopting a new canine friend from The NOAH Center saves two lives; the dog you bring into your life, and the newcomer we can now transfer to our Adoption Center.

When purchasing a purebred dog, it’s possible to choose the specific breed, but a well chosen mixed breed pup can make just as great of companion!

Adoptions Include

  • Spay/Neuter
  • Distemper Combo & Rabies Vaccinations
  • De-Worming Treatment
  • Flea Treatment
  • Collar & NOAH I.D. Tag
  • Microchip Implant + Information & Collar I.D. Tag 
  • Free Veterinary Exam Voucher
  • Parvovirus Test  for puppies under 6 months of age



My Dog Is Having Accidents

My Dog Is Having Accidents

Many adult dogs adopted from The NOAH Center were previously housetrained in their former homes. However, while at a shelter and throughout the transitions in their lives, they may not have had the consistency or opportunities to maintain the appropriate potty habits....

My Pet Has Fleas, Help!

My Pet Has Fleas, Help!

Have you seen your furry friend scratching or biting? Maybe you even saw one jumping from your pet. Fleas are a common household pest when you have pets and, if responded to quickly and strategically, can be resolved easily. The life cycle of the flea depends on...

Introducing Your Dog to a New Cat

Introducing Your Dog to a New Cat

When introducing a resident dog to a new cat or kitten, we recommend letting them sniff through the door of the sanctuary room, first. Provide plenty of opportunities for them to smell each other through the door. Consider swapping bedding so they have even more of a...


How do I pay the adoption fee?

We accept most forms of payment for adoption fees, including VISA, Master Card, Discover, and cash. At this time, we do not accept checks.

I rent/lease my home. Can I still adopt?

If you lease or rent your home, please review your terms to make sure you are allowed to have a pet reside with you, if there are any size or breed limitations, and if you need to pay an additional damage deposit. Please have your landlord’s permission to adopt a pet.

Can I adopt two puppies at once?

Unlike kittens, The NOAH Center does not encourage or allow the adoption of two puppies to the same family at the same time. Puppies have very specific training needs and require individualized, one-on-one training. Puppies are often an incredible amount of work, and two puppies are even more challenging.  

Without that undivided attention during initial socialization and training, puppies can often develop “littermate syndrome”, which often shows in aggression towards one another including resource guarding behavior, protecting items including food, toys, beds, other household objects, and people. This does not occur with all puppies adopted together, but it is impossible to predict what can trigger the behavior in some puppies versus others.

How can I tell how big my puppy will be?

While The NOAH Center does our best to identify the primary breeds of dogs/puppies that come into our shelter, often it is simply our best guess. Without knowing the lineage of the dogs, it’s hard to gauge how large they may be when fully grown. A good rule of thumb is to double the weight of the dog/puppy when they are about 4 months old. This is not an exact science but can be a good rough estimate.

Most dogs are very close to their final size at about 1 year to 18 months of age. If your dog is over this age range, it’s probably safe to assume they are about “fully grown,” though they may still continue to fill out for some time. 

What personality can I expect based on the dogs breed?

The NOAH Center does our absolute best to identify the breeds or mixes of breeds that come into our shelter during their initial examinations, but without DNA testing, it is impossible to be certain.

We recommend considering what traits would be a good fit for your family and lifestyle before searching for a new friend. Learn more about this in our blog post, Common Dog Breeds at The NOAH Center.


Looking for the warm and fuzzies? Read some success stories about dogs adopted from The NOAH Center and the wonderful lives they’re living now. Will your new friend be next?