Clear The Shelter!

Adoption Event & Food Drive

Month of August, 2023


Adoption Event

The Clear the Shelter Adoption Event at The NOAH Center will run from August 1st through the 31st. In an effort to help our harder-to-adopt and longer-term animals find forever homes, their adoption fees will be waived!

PLUS, all adopters throughout the month of August will also receive a discount coupon for our on-site Pet Store!

Cats & Kittens


Food & Supply Drive

Kitten season is in full swing and, with the incredible influx of puppies and kittens in our care, our team is feeding food faster than we can resupply! We are running dangerously low on needed food and supplies. You can make a big difference.


Send our most needed items:

Liquid Puppy Milk Replacer

Our current need is the liquid milk.

Dry Mom & Kitten Food – Dry

Great for nursing moms and kittens.

Mom & Kitten Food – Wet

Perfect for weaning kittens.

Canned Cat Food

Any brand or flavor is welcome!

Puppy Starter Pate

Great for nursing moms and puppies!

Mini Litter Boxes

Perfect for foster kittens. No color preference.

Any Used Towels

Your used towels can be put to good use for puppies and kittens! 

Send or Bring Items To:

31300 Brandstrom Road
Stanwood, WA 98292

You Can Help Save Them

3 Week Old Kittens Found Starving

Cheese and Cracker were found at only 3 weeks old without their mother, starving for both food and love. After rescue, they arrived at The NOAH Center and were immediately treated for injuries and fleas, and went into the arms of a caring foster family for nourishment and love.

Litter of 9 Abandoned at Local Clinic

A litter of 9 bottle 2 day old puppies were abandoned at a local vet clinic. When we were asked for help, our amazing fosters jumped into rescue mode and started bottle feeding every 2-3 hours! These cuties are now nearly 4 weeks old now but they still have a long way to go!

5 Kittens Fall Through Barn Rafters

A litter of 5 four-week-old kittens were rescued after they fell through the rafters of a barn, narrowly escaping being trampled by horses. They were rushed into a foster home for several weeks, receiving care until they found loving forever homes at our Adoption Center!

Make A Difference

Supplies are running low, and we need your help. By sending physical donations, you help us to offset costs and allocate funds to areas such as medical care, spay/neuter, housing, and more. 

Give now, if you can.

adoption center info

Bring items to our Adoption Center, or have them shipped!

Adoption Center
Monday – Friday: 11-6
Saturday & Sunday 11-5

31300 Brandstrom Road
Stanwood, WA 98233


Holiday Closures:
New Year’s Day
Independence Day
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