Fundraise For Us!

You can make a big difference for homeless pets by fundraising on our behalf. Fundraising for The NOAH Center is easy and can be a ton of fun! Learn about some of the ways you can raise money for our important mission.


fundraise for the noah center!

When you hold a fundraiser or food drive for us, you are helping to care for homeless pets in need of healthy food, safe shelter, medical care, and more. Regardless of your skillset, you can put on a successful fundraiser and make a big difference!  


Workplace Fundraiser
Ask your supervisor if your workplace can fundraise for The NOAH Center and offer to take the lead. Place signage and promote your fundraiser on social media! Ask your coworkers and supervisors to contribute to the fundraiser to kick it off!

School Fundraiser
Speak with your schools administration to be sure fundraising is allowed, and offer to take the lead on the project. Speak with your school newspaper and/or DECA. Create signage and promote your fundraiser through social media. 

Birthday Fundraiser
Have a birthday coming up? Ask your loved ones to contribute to The NOAH Center in lieu of gifts! This is an easy way to fundraise for our rescued pets and donations can be made directly through our website, given to you in the form of cash or check and brought to the facility, or you could even hold a fundraiser through Facebook!

Church Fundraiser 
If you’re a part of a church or other group, consider putting on a fundraiser with your group! Ask around and see who loves dogs and cats, and see if they would be willing to help you fundraise for The NOAH Center and the homeless pets we care for every day.


Bake Sale
Who doesn’t love a delicious baked good? If you’re a baker, consider holding a bake sale full of delicious goodies like cookies, brownies, or breads! Price each item reasonably, and let folks know that proceeds support homeless pets at The NOAH Center! 

Garage Sale
If you have plenty of extra items in your home that you no longer need, consider holding a garage sale and giving the profits to The NOAH Center. Make sure to create signs for your garage sale to place around your  neighborhood and state that your garage sale is for charity! Most people love to support fundraisers like this. 

Plant Sale
This is a great option for you green thumbs out there! Grab some extra seed starting materials in early spring and sow some vegetable or flower starts to sell to your neighbors! Many people love to purchase starts rather than start from seed, and are willing to spend a few dollars per plant! 

Craft Sale
If you’re a crafter, consider putting on a craft sale! Whether you sew, quilt, knit, crochet, make cards, or something else; you can sell your handmade items for profit and help raise funds for homeless pets. 


    We ALWAYS need food; our homeless pets eat a lot, and food drives can be a fun way to help! We purchase the following food types:

    Dry Food
    Kirkland Signature Maintenance Cat/Dog
    Nutrisource Kitten/Puppy

    Wet Food
    Pate, any flavor

    Visit our Wishlist to learn more about the types of foods we use at the shelter, though any dry or canned pet food is helpful and welcome!


    Car Wash
    Make signs and get your friends and family together over the summer months and wash some cars for cash! These fundraisers can make a lot of money and help homeless pets in a big way!

    Dinner Party
    If you know a chef or consider yourself an amateur chef, you could hold a dinner party for your friends, and ask for a donation to come. Let them know their donation supports homeless pets and tell them all about why you love The NOAH Center.

    Backyard Concert
    Do you know a local band? Invite them to hold a concert in your backyard and ask for donations to enter! Make sure to promote the event on social media and let folks know it’s for a great cause!

    Watch Party
    Is there a great sports game coming up? Invite your fellow fans over for a watch party, but ask for a donation to attend and let them know their donation will go towards saving homeless pets. Make sure to have plenty of delicious snacks and drinks, and have a great time!

    Ladies Night
    Get your girls together and ask them to donate to attend a wine tasting and small bites gathering. Reach out to a representative of something like Wine At Home and get a wine tasting in your home! 

    Change Drive
    Ask your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors for their spare change, and let them know that you will convert it into cash for The NOAH Center! Most people have between $5-40 in spare change sitting around in their home, and would probably be happy to donate it to a good cause!

    Poker Run
    Invite your poker buddies over for an evening of drinks and cards! Let your friends know that the pot will be split with the winner and The NOAH Center! Most people love to help out and are eager to split winnings with a great charity.

    Ask your friends and family to sponsor your run/walk miles for the summer! For each mile you complete, your sponsors will donate a specific dollar amount. These can really add up, and most people love to support your healthy efforts to get or stay in shape while raising funds for homeless pets!


    In order to ensure that The NOAH Center’s name, image, and reputation are properly represented, we kindly ask that all third-party fundraisers abide by the following guidelines. Your cooperation will help us guarantee consistency and quality in the events that ultimately benefit our organization. Thank you again for your efforts to support The NOAH Center!

    Due to limited time and resources, please understand that The NOAH Center cannot guarantee support in the following ways:

    • Promotion of your event in our newsletter or social media platforms
    • Hosting a booth at your event
    • Distribution of posters, flyers or literature for your event
    • Supplying adoptable animals for your event 

    Please understand, that while we may be able to provide some guidance for your event, we do not have the resources to handle the organizational and administrative tasks associated with third-party events. Please note you are responsible for all details of the event, including: underwriting all of the related costs; recruiting volunteers to help out at the event; creating flyers to publicize the event; working at the actual event.

    Please promote your event in a manner that avoids indicating that The NOAH Center endorses any product, firm, organization, individual, or service.

    Please get consent from our Development Department using the button below before using The NOAH Center’s name and logo.

    Thank you in advance for obtaining all necessary permits to host an event and obtaining your own liability insurance to cover the event (The NOAH Center is not financially liable for the promotion and/or staging of third-party events).

    Please note that due to space constraints, third-party fundraisers cannot be held at The NOAH Center.


    If you still have questions, or would like to notify us of your fundraiser, reach out to us via email using the button below!