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taco & Taquito’s story

In mid-summer this year, we received a call from Animal Control requesting The NOAH Center’s help with a bonded pair of neglected, thin, and terrified cats.

Once Taco and Taquito arrived, our team immediately examined the pair and discovered Taco was suffering from a severe dental disorder known as tooth resorption. This condition causes the dentin in a tooth to erode, becoming irreparably destroyed. Taco struggled to eat, so we had to act quickly to help him.

Tragically, Taco was also very sick with an upper respiratory infection from Calici Virus, resulting in congestion and painful lesions on his tongue. He was far too ill to undergo the anesthesia required for the extensive dental work.

We tackled his care in layers, addressing the upper respiratory infection first. So, our medical team worked with him daily, providing antibiotics, antivirals, pain medicines, ophthalmic drops for his eyes, and supportive care like subcutaneous fluids, nebulizing to support his lungs, and syringe feeding him watered-down cat food.

Once the upper respiratory infection subsided, he began to gain weight. We were thrilled with his progress; after months of care, we could finally safely address his dental problems! Following his successful dental procedure, he and his friend Taquito moved out of the Medical Ward to our Adoption Center. The two sweet boys met many potential new families and found a loving, caring home to dote on them throughout their golden years.

Without the support of people like you, we would be unable to provide this level of care. So, this holiday season, please consider giving the gift of love to homeless animals like Taco.


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