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Get to know the dedicated individuals who fill the critical roles at The NOAH Center.

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Meet The NOAH Center’s Directors and Program Coordinators.

Stacie Ventura

Executive Director

Stacie has worked in the field of animal welfare and non-profit organizations for the past 13 years. Stacie’s role is to oversee all areas of the organization and work closely with the Board of Directors to ensure a sustainable future for the organization.  Stacie has a strong background in management and business applications. Stacie is very community oriented, volunteering for years with state wide Search and Rescue efforts. 

Jennifer Holocker

Marketing & Development Director

Jennifer started at The NOAH Center in 2017 after working for non-profit organizations including the American Cancer Society for over 15 years. She couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join the team at The NOAH Center, help save cats and dogs. and see the happy faces of adopters when they find their new fur baby. Jennifer likes to attend live music concerts and take her dog on long walks in her free time.

Sara Bradshaw

Operations Director

Sara brings over 16 years of leadership and management experience in the pharmacy industry, and is thrilled to bring her skills to the world of non-profit animal rescue and sheltering.  Sara’s role is to ensure smooth day to day operations of the Adoption Center, fulfilling the organizational mission through interdepartmental cooperation and people management. 

Julie Mowbray

Clinic & Medical Care Director

Julie is a Licensed Veterinary Technician with over 20 years of experience practicing veterinary medicine.  Julie oversees The NOAH Center’s on-site Spay & Neuter Clinic and our Animal Care Specialists. She ensures all NOAH animals receive any necessary medical care, and trains all staff and volunteers on medical procedures/protocols.

Tawnya Patrick

Volunteer Coordinator

Tawnya has an extensive and fascinating background leading volunteer-driven scientific wildlife research projects worldwide. She worked with volunteers in Australia, helping to provide first aid to injured wildlife and transportation to rehab centers. She led a group of volunteer marine researchers to surgically implant transmitters in large marine predators in the Bahamas. While working for the University of Washington, she managed an undergraduate Marine Biology program, working with students and volunteers to complete lab and field projects.

Randy White

Transfer & Partnership Coordinator

Randy acts as a liaison between The NOAH Center and all of our partner organizations in and outside of Washington state. He coordinates and often executes transfers of adoptable dogs and cats who are at risk at other shelters. In his free time, Randy loves to be with his family, spends as much time as possible on the water during the summer, and competes in dog agility with six-year-old border collie, Echo who his family adopted from The NOAH Center in 2016. 

Sarah Caldwell

Marketing Coordinator

Sarah is an animal lover with a background in Communications, nonprofit management, and a deep passion for animal welfare. Sarah’s favorite thing about working at The NOAH Center is the rewarding feeling of knowing her work makes a difference for animals in need. In her free time, Sarah loves to spend quality time with her husband and their son adventuring outdoors, reading a great book, gardening, creating artwork, and being crafty.

Katrina Wedin

Dog Care Coordinator

Katrina has a background in behavior recognition in dogs and dog groups. She loves working with animals and helping ours to be as comfortable as possible before adoption. She brings an empathetic and behavior driven perspective to her role at The NOAH Center and in her free time enjoys kickboxing, sketching, and hiking outside as much as possible! 

Tyler Ingram

Cat Care Coordinator

Tyler is a lifelong lover of animals with a passion for rescuing and helping them to find their forever homes. Tyler has a soft spot for helping feral and fractious felines learn to love humans and become more friendly, social, and adoptable. In his free time he likes to walk his two dogs, snuggle with his bonded pair of kitties, and enjoys playing guitar and writing songs.

Kriss Schilling

Animal Care Coordinator

Kriss partners with our Cat and Dog Care Coordinators to ensure all animals are well cared for throughout the week. Originally from Dallas, TX, Kriss moved to to the PNW a few years ago and adopted two kittens from The NOAH Center who she loves dearly. Kriss is a part-time artist specializing in painting and digital art, and produces beautiful pet portraits.

Elizabeth Booth

Foster Care Assistant

Over the last several years Elizabeth has designed and managed foster care programs in animal shelters in New England, and the emotional work of fostering is near and dear to her heart, so she is thrilled to continue that work here at The NOAH Center.

Shelley Peterson

Administrative Coordinator

Shelley brings over 19 years of retail management and merchandizing to The NOAH Center, and utilizes this experience to oversee our on-site Gift Shop. She loves that she gets to work around animals on a daily basis, and enjoys crafting, spending time with family and doting over her two nieces.

Tasia Claussen

Donor Support Specialist

With over 16 years in customer service, supports our Development Department and our incredible donor base., and is thrilled to be making a difference for animals in need. Tasia considers herself a Disney Fanatic, and enjoys traveling, spend time with family and friends, write and paint.