Mom's Last Litter

We get it. Accidents happen, especially during these difficult times. Our Mom’s Last Litter program is here to help if you’ve found yourself with a pregnant pet. 



Mom’s Last Litter is a free program designed to help pet owners safely and responsibly respond to accidental pregnancies and prevent future pregnancies.

Owners agree to foster the entire litter of puppies and kittens until each reaches the age and size required for spay/neuter surgery. At this time, the entire litter and the mother (as well as father, if owned) come to The NOAH Center to receive FREE spay/neuter surgeries. After surgery, the parent animals return to the owner, and the entire litter remains at The NOAH Center to be matched with forever homes.

Additional vaccinations and microchipping services can be purchased for the mom/dad at the time of surgery.


  • All animals entering our Mom’s Last Litter program must be owned by the Participant. Strays should be surrendered to your county animal shelter. For county shelter resources, please visit our Resource for Lost & Found Pets.
  • Participants must agree to safely and responsibly house the litter until they are of age, size, and health requirements for spay/neuter and adoption. This is approximately 8 weeks of age.
  • Participants must agree to bring the mother (and father if owned by the Participant) pet at the same time as the litter for free spay or neuter surgeries. Surgeries will be scheduled by The NOAH Center and performed at our on-site Spay & Neuter Clinic.



Did you know a single female cat could birth 180 kittens in her lifetime? Typically pets born from accidental pregnancies are left to reproduce as well, and will multiply exponentially.

Accidental pregnancies often produce animals who enter the shelter system at some point in their lives. These animals create even more of a burden on the already taxed shelter system and lead to even more euthanasia of healthy and adoptable animals.

By participating in our Mom’s Last Litter program and preventing your pet from experiencing additional pregnancies, you are saving lives.

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