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Frequently Asked Questions

What vaccinations did my pet come with, and when will they need more?

All of our adopted pets will have at least two Distemper Vaccines, a Rabies vaccine if four months or older, Flea Treatment, and De-Worming Treatment. All of these vaccines/treatments will be up to date at the time of adoption and the medical reports included in the adoption will show when they are next due for a follow-up.

Distemper vaccines should be done monthly for animals under 6 months of age until the series, as determined by your veterinarian is completed. After that, your pet will need a booster of the distemper vaccine every year.

The rabies vaccine is given to all pets over four months of age and should be given annually.

All pets receive flea treatment while at the shelter and should continue to receive regular flea treatments every month and/or in accordance with the therapy plan developed with your veterinarian.

De-wormer is given to all animals while at the shelter and should be followed up regularly post-adoption as determined by your veterinarian.

The NOAH Center does not give the Bordatella vaccine. Some of our dogs will have received that vaccine at their previous shelter and should receive a booster every year, especially if the dog is regularly boarded or attends a dog daycare.

Pets adopted from The NOAH Center are considered "up-to-date" with their vaccinations at the time of adoption, but this does not mean that their vaccinations are complete. Please ensure your pet remains fully vaccinated as per your veterinarian's recommendations; the medical reports included in your adoption folder will show when vaccinations and antiparasitics are next due. 

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