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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help my kitty overcome fear?

When cats/kittens are feeling anxious or fearful, often their automatic response is to run away and hide! They may even put their ears back, fluff their bodies and hiss beforehand. Various things can trigger fearful behavior such as coming to a new home, meeting new people, meeting new animals in the home, loud noises, etc.

You can help your kitty overcome their fears by:

  • Provide your new kitty with a quiet space to decompress
  • Never scold or punish your cat for feeling anxious or fearful
  • Give them plenty of time to come out of hiding. This could be moments, hours, or days.
  • Do not pressure your kitty to come out or to visit with anyone. They will come out in their own time.
  • Offer affection if they seem receptive. Showing your cat/kitten love when they do come out of hiding lets them know that they are safe and will, over time, help reduce the frequency of fearful behaviors.

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